Monday, April 23, 2012

The Affair

  In March 2009 it was discovered that 'Northern Lights' co-stars LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were boinking on and off screen. Problem? They were both married to other people.
  Cibrian proceeded to lie his ass off and Wewe Rimes took to her blog and did several interviews and just wouldn't answer either way, spouting some "black & white" bullshit every time like a broken record.
  The first shots are from a restaurant on March 7, 2009 where they kissed and held hands and, for some reason, she sucked on his finger. I'm guessing he had some molasses on there and she sniffed it out. The video is after the pics, because why not.
  This next shit is the article from their 3 hour sexssion at the Malibu Inn on March 14, 2009

  So after this shit I guess he cried to Brandi (Glanville, his wife) and they were 'back together' or whatever. So then Brandi thinks that LeAnn is Stalking Eddie and he changes his number when really he's just with both of them then.
  Here's husband and wife in April 2009
  Is it me or does he just look so much more into Brandi all the time! But then a month later (5-17-09) Eddie and LeAnn 'ran into' each other at a Lakers game (or she 'stalked him' or whatever the fuck line he was feeding Brandi that day. Either way, here's a memory of that 'chance' meeting. (Notice how happy scared and creeped out he looks to have been found by his stalker that he had to change his number to get away from.)

Just so we know she still happily married after her 'chance' run-in with her lover Eddie at the game, she shows us her big ole wedding ring when asked if she's on the phone with Eddie. (5-20-09)

Here are their responses to the allegations...
   Eddie Cibrian - “Other than being friends and two actors who were romantically intertwined in a movie-for-television we filmed last fall, there is no truth to the reporting… It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship.”
   LeAnn Rimes via her blog "This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support," she wrote today. "I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white." ... "have faith."

  Also this funny shit...Like a gift from the universe, LeAnn just happened to be promoting her book and song at the EXACT same time she got caught in the affair, so she had a bunch of interviews in which every single one of them sneaked in an are-you-a-whore-or-not question, much to my delight.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let's Do This

Ok, I'm SO fking unorganized it's not even funny but I'm just going to cram this thing together as best I can for now and then fix it later because I want it done by tomorrow and I've been dragging my ass because that's just who I am. I'll just treat this like a LeAnn Rimes Drama Club for Idiots or something and it's gonna go something like Affair post, Denying Affair post, Single White Female-ing Brandi post, Coming Out as a Couple post, Scary Skinny post, Bonus Mom Crazy post, and so on and so forth, and I'll try to keep SOME sort of chronological order but it's just gonna be a mess at first so I'm sorry in advance X-D


Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm sick

  I have horrible news for myself my readers. My mom got me sick and now I feel like LeAnn's face looks and I don't think I'm going to have the blog ready in time for Falcor's 1 year anniversary.
  That wasn't my initial intent but it seems like a cool coincidence so I was gonna go with it. Also, my bff called me 2 days ago as I was typing a reply on so I was all amped up and shit so as soon as she said "What are you doing?" she got an ear full of omg leann is so crazy and you should see what this bitch wore to the race WITH NO BRA and shes so ugly and what a home wrecking whore its her anniversary with that cheating asshole you know the one you like and OMG this girl just called her a FugMuppet these bitches are SO funny
Or something to that effect and she's like "Okaaaaayyyyy." And laughed at me. So I took a breath and asked what she was doing and she ignored me and asked for the link to this thread that I was gushing about.
  FINALLY I have hooked her! So I sent her the link to GossipRocks and hopefully she can join in the reindeer games. She has not looked at the site yet, but I already knew that would happen. I'm almost certain a butterfly fluttered by right after I sent her the link or a deer may have wandered in to drink from the babbling brook in her bedroom. So it'll take a few weeks, but it doesn't matter. I have her hooked :-D

I forgot what I came on here to post about...I think I was saying that I'm sick, delirious and on Nyquil and I'm sad cause I can't google Wewe till 8 AM erry morning to have the blog ready by the 22nd like I wanted to.


Monday, April 16, 2012


Just a warning to any LeAnn gossip fans: anything you see here you will have already known for ages probably. This is basically going to be a sloppy timeline of events since the affair to bring my bff up to speed. I'm basically drawn to Single White Female type stories and my friend doesn't see it as SWFing so much as coincidences, so I'll be focusing on that mostly to see if I can bring her over to the dark side :-D


Sunday, April 15, 2012


Made a pic


Introduction aka Why the F I'm making this blog

  Ok, here's what happened. I watched RHOBH and saw Brandi Glanville, loved her, googled her and found out that she was the wife that was cheated on in the big ole LeAnn Rimes scandal thing that I'd kinda heard about (and not cared about) a few years ago.
  SO I got a little interested and read some articles and found out about some 'Twitter feud' between the home-wrecker and the ex-wife and, loving gossip and being obsessed with cheating stories, I was hooked from there. So I've been following LeAnn drama for a few months and it's very entertaining, with her Single White Female-ing Brandi, staging photo-ops, living in a bikini, Twittering constantly to convince herself the world that Eddie LOURVES her so hard and she's the bestest "Bonus Mom" ever!........  
  Wait I'm getting off the subject. I'll rant later.
Now, the purpose of this blog is that my best friend and I were on the phone and I mentioned Wewe in passing and she was like "huh" and I realized that I had not shared my obsession of this crazy hot mess with her. And, like every girl my age, of course she already knows who LeAnn is and loved her music. BUT she does not know about the new and improved Wewe Whines, borderline personality extraordinaire, and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't show her? An ASSHOLE friend, that's what kind.
   I showed her the famous Twitter bikini leg pose copy cat shot and she was not convinced....and being the maniac that I am, I'm creating this blog so that she has a one-stop-shop for all that is crazy in the world of the squintiest couple in the land of mediocre fame whoring. Please be patient, I have a very short attention span so this is going to take a few weeks to get up and running. Also be warned, if you're not into Wewe drama, you're going to hate the shit out of this stupid blog X-D