Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm sick

  I have horrible news for myself my readers. My mom got me sick and now I feel like LeAnn's face looks and I don't think I'm going to have the blog ready in time for Falcor's 1 year anniversary.
  That wasn't my initial intent but it seems like a cool coincidence so I was gonna go with it. Also, my bff called me 2 days ago as I was typing a reply on so I was all amped up and shit so as soon as she said "What are you doing?" she got an ear full of omg leann is so crazy and you should see what this bitch wore to the race WITH NO BRA and shes so ugly and what a home wrecking whore its her anniversary with that cheating asshole you know the one you like and OMG this girl just called her a FugMuppet these bitches are SO funny
Or something to that effect and she's like "Okaaaaayyyyy." And laughed at me. So I took a breath and asked what she was doing and she ignored me and asked for the link to this thread that I was gushing about.
  FINALLY I have hooked her! So I sent her the link to GossipRocks and hopefully she can join in the reindeer games. She has not looked at the site yet, but I already knew that would happen. I'm almost certain a butterfly fluttered by right after I sent her the link or a deer may have wandered in to drink from the babbling brook in her bedroom. So it'll take a few weeks, but it doesn't matter. I have her hooked :-D

I forgot what I came on here to post about...I think I was saying that I'm sick, delirious and on Nyquil and I'm sad cause I can't google Wewe till 8 AM erry morning to have the blog ready by the 22nd like I wanted to.


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