Sunday, April 15, 2012

Introduction aka Why the F I'm making this blog

  Ok, here's what happened. I watched RHOBH and saw Brandi Glanville, loved her, googled her and found out that she was the wife that was cheated on in the big ole LeAnn Rimes scandal thing that I'd kinda heard about (and not cared about) a few years ago.
  SO I got a little interested and read some articles and found out about some 'Twitter feud' between the home-wrecker and the ex-wife and, loving gossip and being obsessed with cheating stories, I was hooked from there. So I've been following LeAnn drama for a few months and it's very entertaining, with her Single White Female-ing Brandi, staging photo-ops, living in a bikini, Twittering constantly to convince herself the world that Eddie LOURVES her so hard and she's the bestest "Bonus Mom" ever!........  
  Wait I'm getting off the subject. I'll rant later.
Now, the purpose of this blog is that my best friend and I were on the phone and I mentioned Wewe in passing and she was like "huh" and I realized that I had not shared my obsession of this crazy hot mess with her. And, like every girl my age, of course she already knows who LeAnn is and loved her music. BUT she does not know about the new and improved Wewe Whines, borderline personality extraordinaire, and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't show her? An ASSHOLE friend, that's what kind.
   I showed her the famous Twitter bikini leg pose copy cat shot and she was not convinced....and being the maniac that I am, I'm creating this blog so that she has a one-stop-shop for all that is crazy in the world of the squintiest couple in the land of mediocre fame whoring. Please be patient, I have a very short attention span so this is going to take a few weeks to get up and running. Also be warned, if you're not into Wewe drama, you're going to hate the shit out of this stupid blog X-D



  1. just read your blog and love it. the timeline w/pics of the tweets is incredible. whoa. thanks for a fun couple of hours.

  2. I effing hate Horsewhore Leann. God go home LeAnn, you're ugly.

  3. This blog is at the top of Google search results if you google "Leann Rimes crazy" hahaha