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I literally just got permission to use this post so here it is. This is from Annie B on SO fking funny I <3 it. Everything hereafter is Annie B's post.

 Eddie is too busy reeding bookz, and solving Rubix Cubez. That's why Leann has so much time to tweet, that's what she says anyways.

I found the inspiration for Leann's infamous Snuggy blanket dress


I think the white hoofs looks better with the green than the black hoofs on Leann. IMHO
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Funny pic captions

I saw a funny pic caption on GossipRocks and love it so hard. I figured since we're on the part of the blog with the weird red mesh dress (which I love and everyone else hates), I'd throw it in there.

Do you laugh like this? All dramatic-like while kneeing your significant other in the balls?
 -SoCalMarie on


Here's one from Montana Mama on GR

"Dumb ass twat thinks she's groping her MAYHYAN, but all she's grabbing is the dude who's paid to laugh at her behind her back"


Painting posted with permission from


Funniest shit I've ever seen

I saw this article on and it was just some of the funniest shit I've ever read so I have to include it. Everything after this sentence is the dlisted article and some of the funniest responses, not me...

 Monday, April 2nd 2012

"There's Not A Foal In There. We're Just Attention Whores." 


I am temporarily interrupting your eyes' ride of ecstasy on Wayne Newton's veal parmesan face to bring you these pictures of Eddie Squintbrian and Falcor Rimes starring in The Neverending Whoring at last night's Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Eddie and LeAnn were cheesing it up for the cameras like there's one spot left on InTouch Weekly's cover and it's printing day. In the span of just a few minutes, these two whores started a pregnancy rumor, burned retinas by kissing and then LeAnn flared her teeth like a buck-toothed pony doing Liz Lemon doing Julia Roberts' cackle. There are a million reasons to hate on Eddie and LeAnn (example: making you hate Equus for putting ideas into Eddie's head), but you can not deny their red carpet whore game.
Although, LeAnn should've toned down that laugh a bit. The last time I saw a malnourished creature maniacally neigh like that, it was in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and it ended with the farmer sadly telling his young son that his "pal" has gone crazy and needs to go to "the farm" to get some "sleep."
And wearing that dress is only okay if you're a back-up dancer at the club where Kate Capshaw performed in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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 04/03/2012 - 3:02am.
Imagine standing next to those two oddballs! Crack up any harder and she'll put her back out HAHAHA

 04/03/2012 - 1:13am.
i just cant with these two.

 04/02/2012 - 11:27pm.
Ick. Nast. Blech.
SOMEONE throw a bridle on it. And some new hooves. She dont match. Unless shes trying to dress to match her man hijackin' ways. Then shes pitch perfect in a prostitute kinda way.

 04/02/2012 - 9:01pm.
Is Eddie REALLY that funny to warrant a laugh like that?

 04/02/2012 - 6:53pm.
That dress is tragic. Who dresses these people? I just don't understand.
Has Eddie cheated on her yet?

 04/02/2012 - 6:09pm.
If these two had a kid, it wouldn't be able to open its eyes.

 04/02/2012 - 5:19pm.
laughing at who ever said "single white falcor" Please, oh please keep that going until it becomes a thing.

 04/02/2012 - 3:27pm. Two posts about the fucking Country Music awards? Unless there was a mass-murder I didn't hear about, there'd better not be a third.

 04/02/2012 - 4:15pm.
They are the modern day Graeae. Sharing one eye between the two of them.

 04/02/2012 - 3:33pm.
That dress needs to be put in a straight jacket. She's looking better than her usual bag of bones self.
*teehee...remembers flics of them on beach and thinks of kid saying "Mom, look I found more shells." "No, honey, put that back, it's just bits-n-pieces of some old washed out country singer."*
And WTF is up with her bat feet inside those hideous high-heeled army sandals.
Everything is cheating on everything!


Why does everyone hate LeAnn? All she did was fall in love...

First of all, excuse the blog for being so disorganized...Maybe it will be fixed in the future, maybe it won't. I'm doing the best I can. LeAnn's crazy is a LOT to keep up with. But anyway, back to this blog post.

 I know that some people won't understand my level of hatred for this woman. And some women out there, a very specific group of you, will know exactly why.
And I'm not even going to lie and say that she's all bad. I don't hate her just to hate her. I listen to her music and I think she sounds like a fking ANGEL. She has one of the best voices I've ever heard, and probably the best voice LIVE (YouTube) I've ever heard. I also have some seen some pictures of her that I think she's really hot in, and I will include all of that in this blog at some point.
 But she, as a person, is just so disgusting, I can't stand it. She is very vindictive and doesn't own up to any of it. She wants to act like everyone is just seeing what they want to see because they hate her. Well, guess what? I didn't hate her before. She helped ruin someone's family and has gotten pleasure by rubbing it in the ex-wife's face ever since by using the husband, her kids, anything she can do to possibly hurt this woman more and say 'HAHA I got your life' and that's why everyone hate's her.
 She thinks it's because of the affair. And it is, a little bit. But you don't see people hating on Eddie Cibrian this way, and why not? Because he's not flaunting everything in his ex-wife's face every single chance he gets and he's not being a passive aggressive bitch every other time he gets on Twitter.
She acts like the victim all the time and it makes me so sick.
Ok, you cheated and got caught, that's one thing. Then you actually split with your partners and got with each other. That's a whole other thing. Yeah you're in love, whatever. But then you think you gotta bully and taunt the woman you hurt and flaunt this shit all over the place with your nasty smug ass you trifflin ass tramp? THATS why no one likes your home wrecking ass. Not because you "fell in love at the wrong time" or whatever bullshit wank job story you're selling this week to justify cheating and being a whore.

I got this next excerpt from and I love it-
  "It’s no secret that LeAnn Rimes is full of sh-t. Spectacularly so, in fact. I’m not one of those women who is always on Homewrecker Patrol, but I do think that if LeAnn had behaved in a different manner, people wouldn’t still be so angry with her. I could go on and on about the dumb little sh-t LeAnn has done, but the basic gist of is that I think in LeAnn’s mind, she’s the ultimate victim in all of the drama between her and Eddie and Brandi Glanville and even Dean Sheremet, LeAnn’s ex-husband. In LeAnn’s mind, everyone is out to get her because she just happened to fall in love. And everyone is mad at her especially because she’s SO famous and popular." -celebitchy

This piece of funny comes from
  LeAnn Rimes opens up about her highly publicized affair with Eddie Cibrian...and sort of explains why she cheated on her own husband:
  "I think any relationship is hard to get out of, and I don’t think the way I did it was right."
    Still, Rimes knows that “there are lessons in it for me to learn” and says she’s figured out what she calls “the most important thing,” which is “cultivating strength from rough situations.”
    “After going through this,” says Rimes, who finalized her divorce in December and has since moved in with Cibrian, “I know I can face anything.”

“After going through this, I know I can face anything.” What the-? Is she fucking kidding me? It’s not like she had breast cancer or was Elin Woods or something. LeAnn Rimes cheated on her husband with a married man and basically took whatever the hell she wanted whenever the hell she wanted it. That’d be like me sitting around playing video games in my underwear for three days straight then championing my ability to overcome adversity. “You know, some people didn’t think I had it in me to not execute a single ounce of will power, but I like to believe I came out of this a stronger person and should probably get invited to speak at high schools. MY STORY DEMANDS TO BE TOLD!”


People who live in glass houses shouldn't call other people crazy

DEC 2010
Earlier this week, LeAnn released a new single called Crazy Women.
The title immediately prompted speculation she is singing about Brandi, who was still married to Eddie when he started dating LeAnn.
The model quickly slammed the country singer for releasing a song about cheating partners, telling E! News the words are 'in poor taste.'
Not pleased: Brandi thinks LeAnn's new song Crazy Women is in 'poor taste'

The lyrics to the song include the lines:
'Crazy women are made by crazy men. He cheats and lies, then plays the victim. He don't know why they always pick them. Crazy women, ex-wives and old girlfriends. Keep their crazy hidden. Till they're pushed off the deep end.'
Brandi is clearly not amused, saying: 'When your cheating is the cause of a "crazy woman's" behaviour, it's in poor taste to sing about it.'



                                                             Here's her Tweet from her fake account
                                                     And here's her husband's Tweet to her fake account


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More timeline

JUL 26, 2010
  Eddie and kids move in with LeAnn

DEC 24, 2010
  They get engaged and the paparazzi take this 'candid' picture that is completely totally NOT set up
And then since buying that huge rock put Eddie in the poor house, he had to stop feeding his kids-
  Jan 06, 2011
"LeAnn Rimes received a sparkling $85K engagement ring from new love Eddie Cibrian after his child support payments to his ex-wife were slashed because Eddie’s income had dipped, has learned.
In an exclusive interview, model Brandi Granville has admitted the timing “wasn’t obviously the best”. She also revealed that while LeAnn got the expensive ring, she has to give BACK money from her divorce settlement.
“Look, I don’t mind that he got her a ring but the timing wasn’t obviously the best and the truth is the communication is not great right now,”
The pair got engaged over the holidays with LeAnn proudly flashing her platinum bling, featuring a 5-carat oval diamond, set in rose gold fleur-de-lis.
Ironically, it happened at the same time as Cibrian’s child support payments were slashed because the former CSI: Miami star has not worked a lot as an actor in the past six months.
So much so, Brandi will also have to pay her ex some money back, under the terms of their divorce agreement, while finding a new home too.
That’s despite Eddie driving a Porsche and living in a lavish Calabasas abode!
“The lease is up on my current home and I will be looking for a new place to live shortly while also trying to take care of my sons." "
pic from

APR 22, 2011
  They get married. yay.
Sorry, but those are some manly arms and what the fuck is up with her face in this pic?
The wedding was a little similar to Brandi's wedding to Eddie in 2001.
Both brides married Eddie beachside in the springtime, while wearing a Reem Acra gown. The new Mr. and Mrs. Cibrian cut the cake during their reception to the tune of "I Got You Babe." The same song they previously sang a karaoke duet to during a "Northern Lights" wrap party in Canada when they were still married, in front of Brandi and Dean. And I'm just gonna throw this out there but they both drive matching white Range Rovers.

From -
  "In case anyone needed more proof that LeAnn Rimes is a batshit crazy person shitting crazy bats, she married Eddie Cibrian over the weekend despite the two of them cheating on their prior spouses together. Except apparently LeAnn is just going to pretend she was never married before which seems like a good start to her new life. Us Magazine reports:

    “Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful friends,” she wrote on her Twitter page, two days after saying her “I do’s” to Eddie Cibrian, 37. “Coffee… me, the computer…. Eddie [and] the Sunday newspaper…. waves crashing…holding hands…. nice way to start it! My first Easter as a WIFE! God thank you for your goodness. May we all be blessed today and forever!”
    The country star updated her Twitter profile to reflect her new last name; she also added “WIFE” and “Bonus mom” to her bio.

“Why, hello! Who are these two young men at our door? Come on in, let me fix you some lemonade. I’m LeAnn and this my husband Eddie. We just got married! We don’t have children of our own yet, but hopefully soon, and maybe they’ll be as cute as you. A ha ha! Oh, honey, my husband’s not your daddy. That’s so adorable, but he’s not. He’s just not. HE’S NOT! *smashes lemonade tray* YOU ARE COMPLETE AND ABSOLUTE STRANGERS WHO WE’VE NEVER MET IN OUR LIVES! AHHHH! Everything’s perfect, perfect, so perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect…” *rocks back and forth in the corner*

Oh, yeah, this is gonna go great."


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brandi's side, after she found out

Long before Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes took their relationship public, Cibrian's wife Brandi Glanville had an inkling that her husband was attracted to LeAnn.
Recalling when she and Eddie went on double dates with LeAnn and husband Dean Sheremet in Canada during the filming of Lifetime's Northern Lights, Brandi says she noticed a little flirting between the costars.
"We went to play pool, went for sushi, dancing," Brandi tells PEOPLE, adding that although she's used to woman fawning over her husband, "it was different this time. It was a little more reciprocated."
At the same time, Brandi noticed how affectionate LeAnn was with Sheremet. "They were very touchy-feely," she says. "They seemed happy. [But] I felt like it was almost like 'I love my husband. I'm not after your husband.'"

I'm so sorry about the quality of the second video. I originally had it embedded from the website it was on but it automatically played every time the blog was opened, and that is very annoying. So I recorded it with my camera, which is also annoying, but less so. :-/

For some reason, Blogger sucks assholes and won't load the videos half the time so I posted them on YouTube too, just in case.

1st video -
2nd video -



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Denial is LeAnn and Eddie's favorite river in Egypt

  For months after being more caught than Tiger Woods at a super model convention, these idiots denied their video-documented affair. Well, Eddie denied it. LeAnn just parroted the same 'everything's not black and white' bullshit over and over and refused to answer the question. Meanwhile, Eddie got to play house with Brandi for a few more months until they got caught again in July.

  Until then, Eddie had Brandi pretty convinced that the affair was one-sided:
"Brandi claims LeAnn Rimes has been stalking her husband in the months following their affair. She also says that LeAnn very deliberately decided to seek Cibrian out at a recent Lakers game  during a weekend the singer was supposed to be performing in Florida. Two weeks before the game, Cibrian had changed his phone number due to the number of calls and texts Rimes had been sending him.  Glanville does not mince words when it comes to what she thinks about Rimes:
    'LeAnn is a stalker. She refuses to leave us alone - it is shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance. LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter to get what she wants. She's hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom.'"

JULY 17, 2009
   "Cibrian and Rimes were caught again together in the early afternoon of July 17 outside the Malibu home of Jeff Berger, a longtime friend of the singer and [husband] Sheremet.
Berger has been facilitating similar meetings at his home for about a month and that Rimes and Cibrian also made use of a rental house on L.A.'s west side."

JULY 21, 2009
  I guess Brandi was tired of smelling horse shit on Eddie when he came home from his secret trysts with LeAnn because she took the kids and left him the next week, declaring 'Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other.'

JULY 24, 2009
  LeAnn and husband Dean separate. Probably a good idea since they're all pretty much swapping body juices at this point.

AUG 1, 2009
  Brandi slashes Eddie's motorcycle tires (and tells him before he can drive off and get hurt)

AUG 22, 2009
  LeAnn and Eddie come out as a couple publicly as opposed to just pubicly. So much for all that denying shit before, eh? EH?

AUG 24, 2009
  Eddie files for divorce from Brandi and settles for LeAnn, since she won't take his nasty, cheating ass back. Why the 24th you ask? Well, duh, he was busy on the 22nd golfing with LeAnn. Pay attention.

SEPT 10, 2009
  On or around Sept. 10 2009, LeAnn and Eddie take their first of a continuous string of vacations. From here on out we will see LeAnn's body morph into what can only be described as a pathetic, sinewy attempt at looking like Brandi. And as a bonus, we get to see all of this transformation in bikinis! YAY .....   :-|

OCT 5, 2009
LeAnn Rimes has moved into a house just one block from Brandi's children's school, just to be closer to Eddie.
"There's no reason for a single woman to move to Calabasas," Brandi tells E! "It's all families. There are no young people who live here by themselves. If they were living together, I would understand, but they're not."
LeAnn showed up at her son's school...
"She waited until it was my turn to turn to pick up the kids and pulled out in front of me, waved, threw me a peace sign and smiled," Brandi tells us. "Then she sent me a text saying, 'Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.' "

DEC 17, 2009
  I'm so surprised, but Dean files for divorce from LeAnn's home wrecking, cheating whore ass.

Their first public outing -