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SOS: Sorry So Slow with posting!

Hey gossip girls, sorry I haven't posted in FOREVER, I've been posting on my other blog about this real life homewrecking whore I know.
Yeah, I hate homewreckers if you couldn't tell. Don't worry, her face and name are blurred out (I'm not THAT mean, even if she is a NASTY SKANK who only fucks married men and then gloats about it).... Hmmm, who does that sound like?? (Only 3 of my friends have access to it BTW)
Also I didn't really think people were reading this but I guess they are :-) Someone asked me to post more so I'm going to dig into my LeAnn file of crazy (which has PLENTY more) and post some shit. But I'm a procrastinator so it'll be tomorrow


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

LeAnn's morph into Brandi

I know I have been stalling on this blog but there is just SO MUCH crazy to go through and I only have so much spare time. I have "bonus kids" to take care of ya know! haha what a geek, bonus children... Anyway here is THE post of crazy stalker shit. Enjoy.

First, we're gonna take a look at LeAnn before Eddie and during the first part of the relationship. Before she got a sense of style. And by sense of style, I mean studied pictures of Brandi Glanville. We will be noticing the clothes, shoes, cosmetic enhancements, and weight/body changes here.
At the end of the post will be all the blatant coincidental copying of Brandi. My fav part :-D

*Before Eddie and during the beginning (I actually think she's really pretty and healthy looking at this point)-

*Starting the morph into Brandi -

 *Luli Fama bikini

Oct 2009 BG

July 2010 LR

Apr 2012 BG & LR

*Green Shoes

Feb 2010 BG

May 2010 LR

July 2010


*White Range Rover

Feb 2010 BG

Apr 2012 LR

Dec 2012 LR


*Gold bikini & banded fedora (I just noticed they both have on a small gold necklace with a round pendant and a bracelet on their right wrists)

Aug 2010 BG

Dec 2010 LR

*Christian Louboutin Toutenkaboucle shoes

Jan 2011 BG (from her facebook)

Feb 2011 LR

Apr 2011

Aug 2011 LR

Mar 2012 LR


Feb 1 2011 BG

Feb 11 2011 LR

*Bikini pic (The first most obvious stalking pic, in my opinion)

Mar 2011 BG (from BGs Facebook)

Apr 2011 LR

If that's not the creepiest thing you've seen so far, you're lying to yourself.

July 2011 LR (I'm pretty sure this one says "Me copying? No way, I tweet bikini pics all the time, SEE!)

BG statement

BG video about copying


* Sprained left ankle (Yes, pathetic. I know.)

Apr 2011 BG

May 2011 LR


Apr 2011 BG

June 2011 LR


*Handcuff bracelet

Aug 18 2011 BG

Aug 28 2011 LR

Apr 2012 LR (becoming Brandi costs a lot)

Apr 2012 (comment from someone on CeleBitchy)


 *Tweeting the same person (I know it seems like a stretch, but what are the odds that out of LR's almost 1000 people she follows, she talks to the same person within 4 hours of BG. Someone's watching BG :-D )




* LR wedding anniversary ring

Oct 2011 BG

Apr 2012 LR


* Tweet stalking

Oct 16 2011 BG

Oct 16 2011 LR


* Red Lipstick

Oct 5 2011 BG

Oct 8 2011 LR

Oct 9 2011 LR


*Pool Shark Thanksgiving

Nov 21 2011 BG
Sometimes videos don't play, so here -

Nov 24 2011 LR - Thanksgiving pic with the fam (You know, Brandi's fam)


*Red Shoe Diaries pt. 1

Dec 11 2011 BG

Dec 14 2011 LR


* Michelle Jonas Keyhole dress

Jan 2012 BG (On Real Housewives of Beverly Hills)

Feb 2012 LR


* Gold dress

Feb 2012 BG

June 2012 LR


*Red Shoe Diaries pt. 2

Feb 6 2012 BG (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show)

Feb 9 2012 LR


*Mexican blanket (The one LeAnn famously plopped herself on, next to Brandi, at one of BG's kid's soccer games after politely ignoring each other at every game before)

Mar 2012 BG

June 2012 LR


* Red shoes & half-sleeve blue dress

Mar 2012 BG

June 2012 LR


*Aviator sunglasses and the switch to a new type (after years of wearing Aviators)


May 6 2012 BG (Kid's soccer game)

May 6 2012 LR (BG's kid's soccer game)


*Macrame bikini

June 2011 BG (on RHOBH)

 Aug 2011 LR


*3/4 sleeve short jacket over bikini

July 17 2012 BG

July 17 2012 LR



July 6 2012 BG (Twitter I think)
July 7 2012 LR (ONE DAY!)

Here's LR's old motorcycle boots from 2010


*Tweet about fav song

Dec 18 2012 like 2 hours apart


*Gold Band Bikini (I know this one isn't exactly the same, but come on)

June 2013 BG

Aug 2013 LR


*Lace Bikini

Aug 14 2013 BG

Aug 16 2013 LR


*Skull Scarf

Nov 2012 BG

 Aug 2013 LR


* "Private Dancer" shoes

Feb 22 2014 BG
Feb 26 2014 LR



May 4 2014 BG

May 6 2014 LR


*Breast implants, house, hairstyle, truck, wedding

"E!Online reported that a source confirmed to them that Rimes recently had a breast augmentation procedure performed which by today's standards is not a big deal. The kicker, however, was that Rimes went to Glanville's doctor (Dr. Garth Fisher) who performed Brandi's procedure after she bore two children.
 Rimes requested to have the same implant size that Glanville did and even purchases similar everyday items.
 Rimes also moved into a house a block and a half away from Glanville, emulated her hairstyle and wears the same type of sunglasses.
 However, to give Rimes the benefit of the doubt, many people buy similar items and there's nothing wrong or even weird about that.
 The breast implants, on the other hand, is perhaps a little off as there must be hundreds of plastic surgeons (if not more) that Rimes could have gone to instead of Glanville's."

"There's no reason for a single woman to move to Calabasas," Brandi tells E! "It's all families. There are no young people who live here by themselves. If they were living together, I would understand, but they're not."
LeAnn showed up at her son's school...
"She waited until it was my turn to turn to pick up the kids and pulled out in front of me, waved, threw me a peace sign and smiled," Brandi tells us. "Then she sent me a text saying, 'Just so you know I was doing a walk through of my new house.' "

-source: eonline


This is from RadarOnline I think - 

  An insider shares, LeAnn used Brandi’s boob doctor, Garth Fisher; her dentist, Dr. Duane McKay; her hairstylist, Kim Vo; her dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer; and the same Botox guy at Dr. Applebaum’s


*Pizza, wine & football. Shoe tweets.

 "Poor Glanville really seems to mind her own business; tweets a little something, maybe twice a week. And before Rimes protected her tweets, she was being incredibly passive-aggressive [and] nasty towards Glanville.
  And now the tour manager.
  From what I gather, Glanville had to lock up her Facebook page, because every time she posted her status, Rimes twittered that SHE was doing the same thing.
  *Glanville said she had bought a new pair of shoes,
  * Rimes tweets that she is going shoe shopping with a girlfriend, and yammers about HOW MANY shoes she bought.
  *Glanville says that she and a friend are watching the football game and having pizza and wine,
  *Rimes tweets that she and Eddie are watching the game with friends, drinking wine and ordering pizza.
  Rimes really does have a stalker personality. Sadly, since [Rimes] locked up her tweets (and has been dumping/ blocking followers like crazy), I do not have a screenshot of that madness. You can see Glanville’s shoe tweet, but Rimes' is now protected."

-source: I forgot and I tried Googling it and it didn't come up. If anyone know, please let me know.



 ^ TRUTH ^