Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cry me a river

"Being a home wrecker is hard, y'all."



  1. Stop it Leanne. Seriously, just stop it.You're scaring me.

  2. This blog is so funny! Leann rimes is such a nutter! Please update! I'm immensely entertained.

    1. omg I'm so sorry! Thanks for reading it! People like you getting entertainment out of it is worth all the time I have to spend looking at her ugly horse face long enough to post :-D

  3. I have been thinking this way 4 a long time (y/k Leanne copying Brandi, especially, when she lost all that weight, How obvious was that!) AND Leanne' face really bothers me, don't know why, just does! She has the puffy eyes of a drunk!

  4. I have noticed her copying Brandi for a while, since she lost all that weight, how obvious was that! Weirdo! Her eyes are swollen like that of an alcoholic's! Can't stand her face, just do not like it! AND here I thought that I was the only one who couldn't stand Leanne and her stupid weird face! Her hair, everything is copying Brandi, but she just can't cut it! She should get her own style...... which would prob be a whole lot worse than her Brandi imitation style anyways! Horse face is right! Eddie married her 4 the money, actually, he is no good either!