Friday, May 9, 2014

LeAnn's Greatest Hits: Fug Muppet Edition

Sometimes there are unflattering pictures taken of us and we promptly delete them. Sometimes we are tagged in such photos and we cannot delete them. Shit happens. And sometimes you're LeAnn Rimes and there are a plethora of them floating around and then I come along. Here are some of my FAVs!

^Yep, no eating disorder here!^


^Loving the crypt keeper toes^



  1. oh Lord, thank you for giving me nightmares in the daytime....that face, those poses that accentuate those cavernous nostrils, those teeny weeny little slits for eyes, the upper lip from Whoville...those veneers stolen from a horse, why?!! and all on the one FACE. I guess you are born with certain things but end up with the face you deserve!

  2. 1) OMG that deformed nose.

    2) WTF is up with her legs? She looks like she lost like 200+ lbs and has loose skin left on her thighs.

    3) WTF, does this bitch have eyes? I've never seen such a hard squint in my life.

  3. Oh my dear Lord. How big can a humans nostrils be? And I know her poor boobs have always been far apart, but when she got the implants couldn't the doctor maybe try to make them look halfway normal? It's a damn shame to go through surgery to get boobs and still not have any because they're in your arm pits.
    I almost feel sorry for the girl. She so desperately wants Brandy's body and it just doesn't work on her. Of course then I remember how horrible she is and the sorries go away lol.

  4. The third picture with her in the peachy bikini...I almost died. Lmao. Those poor boobies :(