Friday, May 2, 2014

Soccer PDA and Other Inappropriateness

Ok, this post will be about soccer game PDA and such. We already know LAR sets up with the photogs before hand so they'll be there to get all the juicy kid sports game drama! Fucking exciting! :-| Anyway, after the soccer pics I will sprinkle in a few where she has to be touching the kids, presumably to show their mom how close the Bonus Bond is. FIRST, here's 3 "family" photos with her new stolen happy family. For some reason they just had to be posted online (where Brandi could see them) instead of say, I dunno, on the mantle at her house? In a photo album perhaps? Emailed to family even.

 ******Soccer/PDA photo ops:

*Oct 2010

*Dec 2011

^ Baby deer ^
*Mar 2012


*May 2012

^ Look at that death stare! ^

************ "The Bonus Bond is only strengthened by touch (When paparazzi can see)"

****** Here's some other creepy things:

{The following is from}
Just last week LeAnn accompanied her husband Eddie to his kids’ elementary school where the stepmom apparently did a special performance for the school children. While Mason and Jake opened their gifts along with their classmates in their classroom, LeAnn posted a picture of the action on her Twitter page, exposing the name of the boys’ school to millions of Twitter users.
Many of LeAnn’s critics are calling out the country crooner for potentially putting her two stepsons’ safety in danger (as well as their classmates) by having the name of their school leaked out for paparazzi photographers to hound during school hours for photos.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.
If that wasn’t enough, the new Mrs. Cibrian allegedly signals the paparazzi to show up wherever she goes with her stepsons, giving them even more unnecessary exposure to the limelight.
Speaking about the paparazzi and her children’s safety in an exclusive interview with Babble, Brandi says, “Luckily for me I know the places to go with the kids where we generally do not get bothered, like I rarely take them to the Malibu Country Mart, for instance.”

“I do feel like the paparazzi of today are a lot friendlier, less aggressive and more respectful then that of some years back that I have heard about. Our reality is that being photographed is going to happen. This is our new life and if I don’t seem to mind it and on my time we don’t make a big deal of it,” she adds.
And in a very obvious swipe at LeAnn, Brandi says, “I do think however it is inappropriate to schedule photo-ops including my children to promote yourself or draw attention to an already tense situation.”

There’s also rumors going around (as well as evidence) of LeAnn and her associates allegedly cyber bulling Brandi on Twitter. LeAnn, who posed for the NOH8 Campaign in an effort to stop nationwide bullying, seems to be one herself as she is encouraging her followers and Twitter friends to send the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star taunting messages.

If that wasn't enough, LeAnn also allegedly meets her “friends” on Twitter and invites these strangers to her home while Brandi’s kids are present.
We’d think that since LeAnn’s stepsons are at such a tender age – 8 and 4 – she would be a little more pro-active in putting a stop to the name-calling and hurting their mother and start acting like a mature, responsible parent? And maybe not call the paparazzi each time she goes to pick up a pizza with Eddie’s boys?
That, and of course not pack on the desperate PDA’s in front of Brandi at the boys’ soccer game?
We also can’t help but wonder: where is Eddie in all of this? Shouldn't he be concerned about his new wife’s Twitter “life” and/or at least defend LeAnn in some way if he sides with her?

{{{NOTE FROM WEWEDRAMA BLOG MASTER: More on Staged Photo-ops, cyber bullying and her meeting with Twitter friends later}}}

********* Here's an extra creepy one to finish this entry off. So weird. The kid is 3 here BTW and they'd been "dating" for less than a year.

This is real cute right here, letting the kids listen to the song about her affair with their father that led to the break up of their family, so much that the song gets stuck in the kids' heads. Fucking class act.


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