Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pin the Fake Account on the Horse. And a Fake Twitter!

I was recently introduced to LeAnn's "secret" Pinterest account (Eveleigh Rose). Some of the following Proof Pics are from other people and some are things that I found that are similar or exactly the same on the Pinterest account and LeAnn's Twitter. Some of it may even seem far fetched, but I'm convinced it's her. After the Proof Pics I will post the vile shit that spews from this Pinterest account and therefore, from LeAnn herself. Under cover of course, cause she's an angel.

Things that I have no exact matches of or didn't have the energy to match up but occur in both the Pinterest account and LeAnn's life/style are as follows: Fringe shoes and purses. High-top sandals. Boho clothing. Weird hoof-looking shoes. Cutoff short shorts.

**Proof Pics

*Sara Hartel tagging Eveleigh Rose in pics of LeAnn

*LeAnn's friends following "Eveleigh Rose"

**Now on to the similarities


*Makeup WORD for WORD


*Brown Boots

*Weird Boots

*Fo Realz

*No Bueno

*Mini Pig

*Heaven Forbid

*Unicorn Shit

*You Know That's Right

*LARs old motorcycle boots from 2010, notice how she says it's a throwback on the Pinterest picture

*Hoof-like Shoes

*Gladiator Sandals

**Now for all the evil posts that LeAnn Eveleigh Rose made

**Her fake Twitter, bashing Brandi and praising LeAnn. (sample I screen shotted is now gone) Also denying being her. I found this one weird word usage mistake, which is rare for LeAnn. Pretty unique. Misuse of the word Break/Brake EDITED TO ADD: Now this account is saying my screen shots are fake. Of course they are, dear. Of course they are.

Yes I know a lot of people say "amen to that" but I'm just going to throw this in here just in case


  1. Joey0418 is trying to say that my screen shots of the Tweets in the LeAnn Morphing into Brandi post are fake. Everyone feel free to search Topsy by keyword, for example:
    "Boy do they ever from:leannrimes" and it will show you her Tweet with those words, no matter how old it is. I don't post fake shit.

  2. Oooohh...she's a unicorn!? I always thought she was just a regular horse.

  3. It isn't slander...and there's quite a preponderance of evidence that this is spot-on. LR has been low-rent since the day Pearl spat her everyone else knows it.