Saturday, May 3, 2014

Public Embarrassment

*Gold Digging

Yes, I know that everyone does gross things behind closed doors.... It's behind closed doors for a reason. And when you're famous, definitely don't so this while in public or people will post it on their blogs.

*Askew Bolt-Ons

I know a lot of women have fake boobs and I have no problem with that whatsoever. Whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful, do it! But..... I have no respect for this woman so I'm putting every embarrassing pic I can find on here. I mean... after all.... this IS a fuck LeAnn blog. If you haven't figured that out at this point, thennnn I dunno. Go look at another blog :-D Once again, NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE, you are all beautiful!

 *Weird Asshole Slips?

                                                    ^ Yeah, rip that asshole right off ^

                                                    ^ Get a bigger swimsuit! ^

*Wedgie City

                                                                ^ Bonus front wedgie! ^


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  1. Ew.

    This is a serious question...I've heard losing weight really quickly can cause stretch marks, and we all know gaining can too. But what's up with her having so many? Especially on the boobs? Her implants aren't that big and I know she's never given birth and had the after effect of sudden huge boobs....? I'm confused.