Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surprise! It's a cake equivalent to my mental state!

That, ladies and gents, is LAR and Ediot IN BED on top of the cake whilst his children sit on the lower tier laughing at her insanity. The cake is "all of his favorite things" and apparently, them in bed is on the top of the list.


  1. Bahaha! Thank you! My husband did not believe this cake existed (yes, he has unwillingly been pulled in to this). I've always been drawn to selfish people in my personal life, much to disastrous results; so following this is like my selfish people outlet.

    1. Glad I could help! I'm always happy when we wrangle another believer in. This whole blog was to convince my BFF.... and it worked.

    2. New cake! Reality show! So much crazy in the works; please cover!

    3. So much smut that has been posted. People should be held responsible for spreading rumors

  2. Don't know why people feel the need to publicly humiliate others. It's between brandi and leann and both parties have done wrong. Since you've dogged leann how about how brandi called her own kid an a****** on twitter. You talk about leann speaking bad about her mother but brandi calling her own kid names, wishing she'd been 'felt up' because she is 'pretty' those are just some FACTS to which brandi has opened her mouth. We don't even need to talk about her DUI, her drunk and showing her womanly parts to the whole world to see. I wonder why you never mention ANY mistakes that Brandi makes yet you severely humiliate Leann every chance that you can. I think it's time that if you're going to post articles from , years ago, yes I said it,
    Most documentation you have from leann and her doing things is from 2011. The things I've mentioned happened this year, except for the DUI. It happened a few years ago.
    Also you all keep saying how successful brandi is, how she's moved up in the world and how much money she has. 2 questions, one why couldn't she find a place to live this year? If she had so much money she should have been able to pay cash and buy a house. Which in the first place she has such a bad reputation that nobody wanted to rent to her. 2nd when
    She finally found a place why is she renting and not buying? Not as much money as you guys keep saying she has.